April 27th, 2002


Gay Shame Already?

It's only April, but the first Gay Shame posters are up around town. It looks like this year the apolitical commodification and shopping spree that the "Pride Parade" has turned into will be opposed by queers in even more fun and humorous ways than any time in recent memory.

The first poster I saw has the title "Zephyr Realty: Evicting the Community with PRIDE!" and goes on to detail the ways in which gay-owned Zephyr has helped evict longtime tenants in favor of newer owners with more money. The second takes on Bel Ami video and asks the crucial question, aren’t you glad that US imperialism in Eastern Europe provides gay men with new channels of access to poor white kids with uncut cock?

Gay Shame is promising to "Take on the Pride Parade" this year and give out their Gay Shame awards. Stay tuned.
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