May 2nd, 2002


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Since I have more non-LJ members posting at my page than anyone else seems to, LJ users will have to forgive my periodic notes that might seem obvious.

-Yes, it’s very hard to access LJ sometimes. Don’t give up. It’s not you.

-I upgraded to being a paid user so I have codes now if anyone wants to start their own LJ. This offer is limited to people I actually know, not strangers.

-If it’s easier to remember, my journal can be found at

-Signing anonymous comments with pseudonyms could make keep track of discussions easier

Thanks for reading.

That's a classy struggle you got there.

The customers were in a mood today. It’s like that sometimes, but it was worse than usual today. All the workers were hung over from May Day, and the customers, consciously or unconsciously, were mad because they couldn’t shop on May 1. The general attitude made me feel less guilty for suggesting that next year we get a keg, a grill, and lawn chairs and sit in the parking lot saying "Sorry! International Workers Day! We’re closed!" while waving our cups of beer at the ones who don’t give us the raised fist salute.
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