May 16th, 2002


My Dentist, The Artist

My CD ended. Since the dentist had stopped drilling, and was almost finished my filling I decided not to play it over again for the third time. When I have the music blaring I always wonder what they say about me and my shitty teeth. I have incredibly vivid moments of paranoia about my dental issues.

What I heard wasn’t what I expected. The dentist was talking to the dental assistant. This is the conversation, technical dental stuff omitted.

"So my book is done. Now I just have to figure out how to publish it."
"That’s great"
"Yeah, I gave it to my friend who’s in publishing. He said it was really good but that it had too many endings"
"Well, that’s good isn’t it? That way there’s something for everyone."
"Yeah, that’s what I think too. It was good he read it though. He caught some things that my spellchecker didn’t. Did you know that the second World War is written with a Roman numeral and not the number 2?
"Really. . ."

I can’t wait to read this book.

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