May 27th, 2002


I Never Thought I'd Stoop So Low

I hate it when people tell their dreams to me. No, I really hate it. So I’ll understand if you skip this entry. But I rarely remember my dreams so I just have to share. And I've kept it mercifully short.

My housemate and I were sick; too sick to even go out to rent a video. We were just laying around my room in the filth. Then I heard something. It was ice cream truck music but the music was coming out of the Krispy Kreme truck! Not only were all the kids running out to get their donuts but workers were setting up the free Krispy Kreme stand for the street fair. I got dressed and went to the park. At first I thought it was lame because it was all the yuppies who’ve bought homes on the block in the last two years sitting around with soft drinks. But then I found the cooler filled with beer, a contingent of my co-workers, and some old, bitter neighbors to hang out with. And I wasn’t sick anymore!

It went tangent after that (Uncle Muncle was married to Rebecca Pidgeon and she was unhappy) so I’ll spare you the rest.