May 29th, 2002


If you have any information. . .

I saw a great poster stapled to a telephone pole on the way home from work. A copied driver’s license (to prove authenticity and honesty) over a plea for the whereabouts of the person’s identical twin brother.

It seems that the twin was kidnapped at birth and sold by an international drug cartel. The poster’s author (age 38 according to the license) would be at Café International for two hours (yesterday, unfortunately) if anyone had information. Because he was being watched and the cartel had thre atened to kill him, and because the Alameda Police Department had already tried to (he gave a date but no further info), he could only risk being in town for one afternoon.

My favorite part was the line that said, "Anyone tearing down this poster must be affiliated with the kidnapping and baby-selling cartel. Call the FBI at once!"

What a fun thing to do with a lost driver’s license!!