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June 10th, 2002 - Gordonzola — LiveJournal

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June 10th, 2002

12:14 pm - Shopping with PRIDE
Trade magazines are great. Packed full of lies yet unvarnished in so many ways. Here are some interesting facts about gay consumers, brought to you by a wine company that’s an official SF, LA and Houston PRIDE sponsor (parentheticals are my comments):

-77% of the gay community believe in "indulging themselves" and 57% prefer to "buy top of the line" (one can’t help but wonder how "Indulging" was defined?)

-63% of gay and lesbian customers said they are willing to pay more for products from companies that are "gay and lesbian friendly". (37% presumably were Log Cabin Club members who prefer to pay more for products from companies that hate gays and lesbians.)

-The gay community represents 16.5 million affluent, loyal, trend-savvy consumers with $450 million in buying power.

The message: "Buy our wine, put a rainbow flag near it, and raise the prices through the roof! What a bunch of suckers."

(Coming soon: a review of the Gay Shame 2002 awards)
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