June 10th, 2002


Shopping with PRIDE

Trade magazines are great. Packed full of lies yet unvarnished in so many ways. Here are some interesting facts about gay consumers, brought to you by a wine company that’s an official SF, LA and Houston PRIDE sponsor (parentheticals are my comments):

-77% of the gay community believe in "indulging themselves" and 57% prefer to "buy top of the line" (one can’t help but wonder how "Indulging" was defined?)

-63% of gay and lesbian customers said they are willing to pay more for products from companies that are "gay and lesbian friendly". (37% presumably were Log Cabin Club members who prefer to pay more for products from companies that hate gays and lesbians.)

-The gay community represents 16.5 million affluent, loyal, trend-savvy consumers with $450 million in buying power.

The message: "Buy our wine, put a rainbow flag near it, and raise the prices through the roof! What a bunch of suckers."

(Coming soon: a review of the Gay Shame 2002 awards)
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