July 1st, 2002


It's so wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Ugh. I’m feeling too crazed and busy to write anything substantial today. I could list everything I have to do before I leave town in two weeks but that would be boring.

"Pride" was yesterday but I missed everything I wanted to do because inventory and cheese cooler cleaning took longer than expected. It’s a paid holiday for me but unfortunately it fell on June 30 this year so I had to go in to work anyway. Sigh. Poor me. I do need the money to pay off my dental work though.

Instead I spent a nice alone day at home because all my housemates were gone. I made mixed CDs and listened to bad music really loud. Still I need to pay tribute to possibly the best pop song ever written: "The Thong Song".

Some of you might mock, but I know there are many supporters out there too. I was introduced to the Thong Song over the radio when it first came out. I was driving from Olympia to Seattle for a date that tragically never happened (Hi S-K) and listening to the hip hop station when they had their weekly song vs. song contest. They played "Thong Song" against some forgettable track and overwhelmingly listeners voted "Thong Song" as the pick of the week. Then they played it over and over for the NEXT HALF HOUR nonstop. They even had someone’s kids come in and sing along with it live on the radio.

What can I say? I was hooked. Hip hop dance track or sappy R & B ballad? It’s both! The emotion Sisqo can pack into a song about such a tiny amount of fabric is incredible.

And I love those summer songs that are everywhere you turn. If anyone hadn’t heard it, all you had to do was turn on the radio and turn the dial until you found it. My tire blew out once and it was playing at the garage I went to in Barstow. . My co-worker and I would sing it while wrapping cheese, sometimes changing the lyrics to "That cheese is strong strong strong strong strong." Or "That PLU is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong." Actually that worked everywhere. At a Bar-B-Q? "Hand me that Tong tong tong tong tong." Eating Chinese food? "I want the Prawn prawn prawn prawn prawn."

I was at a party on Friday where the DJ played it. The dance floor went crazy.

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