July 5th, 2002


crank flyers are the zines of the crazy and desperate

Found by my housemate on her car window (XXX’s where I didn’t feel comfortable using the actual info):

(outside of folded paper)"Do policemen have honor?
(inside of folded paper) "Melinda Ng stated Chris Ng killed himself and cursed me.
XXXXXX Wong was raped.
Told me to drive carefully.
Susie Cal Fed Bank claimed her
cousin Kiang rear ended me.
She simply asked were you in
a car accident? Sinister smile
. . .that was my cousin.
Melinda dared to call me insincere. Melinda said her
Family will kill m ine

Police have been informed

Does Calfed have honor?
Or do they support the terrorist Ng family?
Raymond Lai

1. I have a friend named Ray Lai. It is not his phone number.
2. Chris Ng not Charles Ng, the serial killer, http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial/ng/. It had me checking the internet to make sure.
3. The lines "She simply asked were you in / a car accident? Sinister smile / . . . that was my cousin" show promise, imho. Better than most poetry zines I review for Zine World, that’s for sure.
4. I wish he had included the Cal Fed phone number if he was gonna bring them into it. I've hated them ever since they closed my local branch.