July 31st, 2002



Well, I’m back, In fact, I would be on my way to work right now except that I got someone to cover the first couple of hours of my shift. I would love to have another week to recover from my vacation, but isn’t it always like that?

I’m thinking of serializing my vacation "adventures" on LJ. Tell me if it gets too boring.

7/17-7/18 Baltimore

I’d forgotten what humidity was. I’m so West Coast sometimes. Because the morning of 7/17 was typically SF at 5 AM, cold and foggy, I got off the plane carrying my heavy coat and sweatshirt. I felt puddles of sweat pool underneath whatever part of my body I rested them on. Ugh. If it’s gonna be like this, I might as well be somewhere tropical where I can swim in the ocean with the dolphins or have drin ks with chunks of fruit and little plastic toys in them.

Baltimore, at least the neighborhood I’m staying in, is blacked out from the heat. 1 AM, awake, and still on California time, I hear funny sounds outside the window. Oh look, a gang of 15 or so k ids hanging around my shiny white rental car* and the car in front of it. I immediately, and not for the last time on the trip, regretted not getting extra insurance on the rental because it was too expensive. An arm goes back and shoots forward quickly. Pssssssssssssssst. Kids run off into the park laughing. I resign myself to dealing with replacing the tire and whatever else the next morning.

When the former anarchist I’m staying with and I get up the next morning, I find miraculously that my car i s untouched but that the ones on both sides have flat, punctured tires on the park side of the street. He gives me shit for not calling the cops. I point out that 1) I was on the third floor looking across the street with blacked-out streetlights and co uldn’t identify anyone 2) I didn’t want to give the cops any more license to hassle Black teenagers which is all my calling would do 3) if you have a car in a city and live in a poor part of town these things happen, and 4) duh, even if I wanted to, all h is fancy phones worked on electricity which wasn’t working.

We had breakfast and discussed sustainable agriculture in China.

He went off to work and I went to Atomic Books in the Hamden part of Baltimore. You know, where "Pecker" was filmed. Atomic Bo oks (http://www.atomicbooks.com/) is one of the best zine stores I’ve ever been to and they also carry comics and books. I totally recommend it even if I felt conspicuous walking through that neighborhood in my native SF garb of black shirt, black long s horts, and black steel toed boots

And then I was off to DC. . . .

*Cute punk girl working the Avis desk upgraded me for free to a 4-door Pontiac Grand Am when I told her I really needed a car with a CD player. A mixed blessing, this is the same obnoxio us, tourist, asshole-mobile that inspired locals to break in and stick a baby octopus in the glove compartment when a friend and I rented a car in Hawai’i.

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