August 1st, 2002


Takoma Park Maryland 7/18-21

I arrived in Takoma Park too early for my friends to be home from work. Since it was only an hour, I was going to sit in my car and read, but as soon as I turned off the engine, I realized that people die in that type of miserable heat. I looked to the side and saw the mall thermometer. 96 degrees. Ugh again. I took refuge in an IHOP.

Though there’s lots of suburban DC sprawl around, my friend’s house is on a great street with a cute little park on the end of it. I got to meet their new 4-month-old and get reacquainted with the 2.5 year old. The 4 month old is still mostly in the quiet, head-rolling, unfocused stage of life but the 2.5 year old makes up for it by being in touch with her feelings, loud about it, and super strong. When her ball rolled behind the couch, she actually moved it with me on it. For those of you who’ve never seen me, I’m not small.

My old friend and her husband are two of the many people who make me incredibly proud of my old group of political friends. A union organizer and an international human rights campaigner. How did my crazy friends become such important people? I remember that one of the things people used to taunt us with was that we were just phase-going kids, who would, soon enough, drop the political crap and "sell out". While I never took that demon too seriously really, history shows that most real activists/organizers in the ‘60s never sold out, it’s nice to see that the taunters were so wrong. Almost all my friends from that time are still doing some kind of interesting political work, no matter what other decisions they’ve made.