August 3rd, 2002


Baltimore and New York

(still reviewing my vacation. This actually makes LJ feel like a journal.)

7/21 Baltimore

A brief return to Baltimore. Nothing much except for being depressed about SF real estate while staying at a friend’s 3-story row house that cost about half-a third as much as a cramped, ugly, modern, studio condo would cost in SF.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Jackie!!

7/22-25 New York

After almost dying on the NJ Turnpike, I arrived at a friend’s mom’s apartment. She has a free parking lot next door that I had arranged to park my Grand Am in while in NYC. Because I was late (from waiting on the side of the road for the NJ State Trooper), I only had to listen to friend’s mom and her boyfriend bicker for 15 minutes or so about how to walk the four blocks to were I was staying.

It’s funny that on such a long trip, the only place I had space and quiet was New York. Some friends were away and were letting me cat sit for them in Brooklyn. I only had to cat sit for Scaredy, who I hadn’t seen since she was a kitten in a collective house I lived in back in 1988 or so. Best bonus: my friends worked on Michael Moore’s new movie "Bowling for Columbine" so I got to watch the pre-release video. Highly Recommended!

Monday night I went to Williamsburg for dinner at another friend’s house. God, that neighborhood’s gone to hell. I hadn’t been to NY since 1997 or so and a lot has changed. Who knew that anyplace in Brooklyn would become a "destination" for Manhattenites?. Saw more cute kids and wonderful parents.

Other NY fun:

-Visiting cheese shops with an importer I know. Very bummed that the very-tattooed cheese monger at Murray’s has no cheese tattoos. Dude, you gotta represent!

-Air conditioned subway cars.

-Tour of DC comics with a friend from high school who is now an editor there. Then getting drunk on margaritas and being late to dinner with my sober friends.

-Not being intimidated by NY. I realized right before I left SF that I’d never gone there alone before.

-Reading my friends’ books.

-(re)learning that those sweat stains you see on TV shows are reality-based. You know, those huge dark ovals below the neck and under the pits? I really always thought they were a big exaggeration. Now I know better.

Weirdly, exactly half way into my trip, mid-day Wednesday, I changed from seeing/staying with heterosexuals with and without kids to seeing/staying with queers and punk rockers. Coincidence and geography can make interesting patterns.