August 7th, 2002


one last New York observation

All over NY there are "public service" posters advertising rewards of $10,000 for information on people who shoot police officers. The number is 1-800-COP-SHOT, but the organization is called "Citizens Outraged at Cops Being Shot". I guess the acronym COP-B-SHOT sends the wrong message.

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Grand Am diaries continued

7/25 Northampton, MA

Spent time with one of my most devoted LJ readers, her girlfriend, her dog and her best friend*. Like Baltimore it’s another place of real estate envy for a Northern Californian, a place where restaurant and bookstore workers are buying houses that would cost $1 million or so if they were practically anywhere in SF.

Went to the restaurant where my friends work which I can never remember the name of. I always call it "Bag of Bones"**. Had, as always, a great meal there and a bunch of local beer. Watched the tourists with disdain until I remembered that I was one too.

My friend there is one of the people who took something with her when she left San Francisco. One of the many memories I have with this person was her insistence of correcting people at the West Coast conference who referred to Rainbow and Good Vibrations as "big coops" and informing them that they should use the phrase "coops of size" instead. As witnessed by my earlier post, humor is hard to find sometimes among the work-shopped earnestness of the cooperative movement.

Part of this vacation was balancing the desire to actually live in the same place with all my friends, with enjoying the fact I could come stay with them.

*For the old-ish school zinesters out there, best friend is the editor of "Who is Johnny Cash?"

** A little research tells me it’s called "Bottle of Bread". I must say I prefer "Bag of Bones" as a business name if those are my choices.

not really site-specific but still a travel entry

7/26 Glens Falls, NY

Driving past Albany I appreciated my friendship with misscallis. Within 20 minutes I heard Nelly "It’s getting so hot in here / so take off all your clothes" three times on three different stations. Kelli said awhile back that it was the new "Thong Song", and while it doesn’t approach Sisqo’s innovation and poetic voice, it has become just as hard to get out of my head. The Germans call this type of song an "earworm". Yes, in English.

Tired of my small CD selection and the miserable radio choices I stopped at a mall to take a rest stop and try and find more music. I confined myself to the sale section and ended up buying the Chumbawamba "English Rebel Songs" CD for a few bucks. Back in the car I remembered why I never play it at home even though I have the 10". Then I remembered how we used to play it at Epicenter after shows to get everyone to stop talking and leave so we could start cleaning up.

Glen Falls is a beautiful factory town, though I couldn’t figure out what the factory did. Old brick buildings and an actual downtown. I still don’t know exactly what my friend is doing there either, but it’s a nice, relaxing place to be. We went to a drive-in double feature and I realized I hadn’t been to one since high school. Most of the drive-ins where I grew up were well on their way to becoming malls by the time I was old enough to go. Except, of course, for the porno drive-in that used to be on the border of Marin and Sonoma Counties. You could catch a two second glimpse of the action while driving north on 101. But that’s another story.

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