September 5th, 2002


Hum Baby

Sportswriters can go on for days about the brilliance of barely literate, old-school managers. For years The Giants were managed by Roger Craig, an old Southern ball player who always had a chaw of tobacco in his mouth and a two-word catch phrase on his lips. "Hum Baby"

"Hum Baby" had no real definable, static meaning. It could be used in many situations.

Giants loss: "Well that was a real Hum Baby when they hit a homer in the ninth, I’ll tell you that,"

Giants win: "Well, we had a real Hum Baby going on there tonight. But we never gave up and, Hum Baby we won in the end."

Player injury: "You hate to see that happen, but he’s got a lot of Hum Baby in him. So we should see him playing again son."

When Willie Brown ran for Mayor against incumbent Frank Jordan, he wanted to make sure that he would be in first place after the primary voting. He recruited an conservative Asian-American businessman to run for mayor also, hoping to draw 5% of the vote away from Jordan from the right. Everyone knew that no one so conservative had a chance to win in San Francisco and his campaign tacitly acknowledged this by making his campaign slogan: "Ben Hom for Mayor: HOM BABY!".