September 9th, 2002


SF Zine Fest #1

Spent all day yesterday at the 1st annual SF Zine Fest. It was certainly a success. All the 50 tables were sold (MRR only getting a last minute table because misscallis didn’t show up from Las Vegas) and tons of people showed up to check it out. Lots of people actually offered the information that they came because they wanted to do their own zine. It even got a little too crowded for CELL Space at times, the aisles filled with zinesters and readers.

It was, relatively, an amazingly easy event to organize. After Jenn starfiend and I discussed the idea on a message board and a couple other Zine World staffers volunteered ( Eric Insomniac, Artnoose, and Jaina Flatter), CELL Space kind of fell into our laps and we were left with table rental, registration and publicity. Jenn was probably the most responsible of all of us, handling the registration, website and money, Eric took care of the table rental and publicity mailings, Artnoose organized the workshops, and Jaina went away for the summer but provided moral support and a morale boost at the end. Also, Matt Multitude of Voices MC’d the event at the Long Haul on Saturday night and Rachel made Zine Fest buttons.

It was an event people had been waiting for, I guess. There were very few hassles, no public personality conflicts and no grousing that I heard. (except for a pissy letter from a local book distributor, upset that we would only rent them a table if there were any left after actual zinesters had their chance to reserve them. Oh well.). My only worry for next year is that it might need to go to a bigger space. I’m sure we missed people in this, our first attempt to have a Bay Area fest. And it was still pretty much maximum capacity from 1-4.

Unfortunately we didn’t have Zine World #18 out yet so I sold antique Zine Worlds that the editor left with me when she went back to Tennessee. Also I tried to sell out the remains of Pisces Zine Distro now that kmama is going full time soap Bianca from Mala Zine should have left me more copies when she dropped by, since I sold all five copies of the Mala/Insurgente split in about a half hour. If you don’t have it already you can get info here:

I know this post is long and linky but here’s one more important one. CELL Space,, where the event was held is in trouble right now. They’re a collectively-run space in the Mission that provides space, tools, work rooms, education and hands-on experience to local community and youth groups. The SFPD has shut down all their night time paid events which have, for the last 7 years or so, provided half their income. CELL is struggling to pay rent and survive so you should go to their website ad see how you can help. The Zine Fest would have been much harder without them. Many zinesters at the event donated part of their proceeds and after we pay our bills, the SF Zine Fest organizing committee plans to donate some money in addition to our space rental.

Anyone out there who went wanna share your experiences?

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