September 27th, 2002


Hey Vegans,

If you eat those Soyco/Soymage/Galaxy Foods Vegan "cheese" slices, you should know that they just recalled about 10,000 cases of the stuff. It seems like they accidentally put casein (milk protein) in it. Oops.

But they assure retailers and consumers alike that in the future there will be no more mix-ups. You can feel secure in that because they are putting a new "quality assurance seal" on every future package. To think, someone actually went to business school to come up with an idea like that. "I know, we’ll put a new logo on it. That will regain consumer confidence! They’ll forget that we might have sent their kids to the hospital."*

If you want a refund I have an 800 # to call. E-mail me because I left it at work.

*I am a professional so I will mention that there have been no reported allergic reactions related to this recall yet.

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