September 28th, 2002


Punks have garages?

There are amazing, if somewhat specific, deals at the Alternative Tentacles garage sale. I got 6 CDs a video and a t-shirt for $30. I can finally throw out some of those old tapes that threaten to feed themselves to my tape player every time I try to listen to them. Don’t get me wrong. There is something endearing about listening to, say, Dead Kennedys and hearing 20 seconds of a 15 year old conversation during "Chemical Warfare" because someone accidentally pressed record during a party. But every time I’d play one of those albums I ran the risk of having to take a screwdriver to my tape deck to get out the broken tape.

I’m also really excited about the DOA video (supposedly the "last show ever", 12 years and a few tours ago) because friends have told me I’m in the front row almost the whole time and I’ve never seen it. I bet I look younger.

It’s on the 1200 block of Sanchez (near Clipper). 9am – 3pm today and tomorrow. And there isn't a garage, it's on the street. You know, where the punks are supposed to be.

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    DOA - "Something Better Change"