October 13th, 2002


These are my friends

I wouldn’t recommend this project. I committed myself to it, started it, and then realized how big a task it was. Plus I had to remember what secrets I knew that weren’t in people’s journals but that I knew in other ways. Tricky. I almost gave up but didn’t want to toss out the ones I’d already written.

Then there’s the whole risk of embarrassment of possibly saying xxxxx hardly ever posts when they’re just filtering me out. Yes, I am paranoid that way. Since I’ve never really considered doing friends only entries regularly, I hope I didn’t compromise anyone’s privacy either. I just feel like I really like my friends page writers and that others would too. If anyone wants to be removed, let me know. I did warn you though. Didn’t you read that entry? I ended up not reviewing ones that hardly ever post anymore to save myself time.

Here ya go. Hope it’s fun and helpful.

anti_choicer A wonderful little parody journal of some real life, "pro-life" nitwit. Sporadic but always amusing.

arasay Real life friend who writes about the travails of being young adult librarian. I even wrote about her wedding a couple of months ago. After commenting anonymously for months she finally started her own journal. We worked on a zine together before many of you were born.

a_to_z 26 random thoughts on life at a time by Taryn Hipp. At times so emo it hurts. Niece news, heartbreak and crush updates, short little anecdotes and news from the House of Corruption. Also often includes plugs for zines and possessions that you can buy so Taryn can make rent. Oh yeah, she hates it if you don’t comment. Friends only.

chroniccritic Great journal sporadically critiquing the Bay Area press. It’s about time someone did this because everyone complains about how bad it is. Mocking, yet informed and insightful.

constintina I have know idea who this person is but I found this journal through common interests. It’s one of the few times that actually worked for me. Political activist, Buffy-fan, feminist, and phone-sex worker. Intellectual entries that are always worth reading

crepuscular I don’t know this person either. I think they found me through slit. Makes an entry about once a month. Liking co-ops and chickpeas can be enough to get on my friends list.

easilyirritable Oh crap, I just realized I owe her a CD from a million years ago. Met her on a message board. Writes about family, Florida, marriage and books.

pradamama Mostly locked. A lot of mental health , race, and body issues are discussed with the occasional longer essay thrown in. I really love her writing when she gets going.

externaltext ET likes "Times Square" (the movie), James Baldwin, and zines. She should write more often because she’s really smart.

fluxions does the great zine "All This is Mine", one of the most hand-crafted, quirky, well-written things you’ll ever see. She calls her own LJ boring, but I’d just call it sporadic. Entries about work hassles, dinner, special events and sickly sweet ones about the boy she loves. Awww.

haroldandme and longhindlegs are the same person. I desperately miss her LJs and I keep them on my friends list just in case she decides to return.

iamconnie This journal is worth it for the icons alone. Queer, tranny-written, LaToya-loving, fat-positive, and seemingly updated every couple of hours.

ilipodscrill New journal by a real life friend and cheese co-worker. Though we look nothing alike we are often mistaken for each other because we are the only Men of Cheese at our store. Queer visual artist and all around sarcastic sweetheart. He’s only made two entries so it’s hard to comment on his actual LJ.

jactitation Grad student, red-diaper baby, as opinionated as the day is long. It makes my whole day when she makes an entry. This one is especially worth reading, if just to find that the London Women’s Centre banned pointy leather shoes in the ‘80s as "fascist".

jamie_miller Anarchist writer who I found through a mutual interest in autonomous zones. Updates many times a day and has some of the best/scariest icons around. Louisville is incredibly exotic to me (I spent 3 humid days there for a cheese conference once) so I love reading about it from someone who’s lived there awhile. Political and self-critical without being dogmatic or self-absorbed.

kmama Have I really only met this wonderful zinester and soap-maker once? We bonded over a list serve years ago and I feel like I’ve known her a long time. Maybe because her journal is really pretty journal-like. It’s friends only though, sorry kids.

lizdefiance Liz puts up with me pretty well considering she’s a vegan. Hopefully once I’m in a re-education camp after the vegan rev, she’ll sneak messages out for me. Heh heh. Grocery store worker, political activist, and good zinester.

loveislife We bonded over our fear of elves on a message board once. Love’s Journal is often atheist rants, odes to music, diary-ish entries, and political thoughts.

mala106 Not too many entries but she comments well. I thought she’d be living in the Bay Area by now.

mazette I found her on someone else’s friend’s list and added her because I loved her writing. Then I went down to LA and realized she knew half my friends from when she lived in SF. Likes old, sad novels, ghosts and making observations about things other people don’t notice.

metalhedwig Eclectic can sound like an insult but not with Hedwig here. I never know what is coming next. I’m loving his current documentation of his battles with the megacorp he works for and the reprinting of ungrammatical corporate memos. His entry about falling asleep in his car and waking up with the doors open and his penis out was an LJ classic. I’ll admit I’m glad the reviewing of French films is over though because I haven’t gotten over my hate of French films from when I worked at a college movie theater. Smart, wise-ass, metal head who wears cardigans.

mimic Canadian college student and one of my first LJ friends. It took me months to realize that I had corresponded with her on a zine list serve previously. Many entries a day, and though I can’t keep all her friends names straight, I enjoy reading about her interactions with them. Love angst, work battles, and intellectual examinations. Weirdly, I enjoy reading a lot all at once on her LJ instead of one at a time on my friends page. I like the rhythm of her writing when there’s more of it at once.

misscallis Famous zinester and pillow maker but I knew her way back when. She has a very sweet boyfriend who reads my LJ more than she does. MissCallis is a great writer and I love her long pieces. Lots of BF, cat, and pillow posts as well as ones which just capture why she is such a SoCal gal.

missruckus I read one of her zines a couple of years ago and just found her LJ. Miss R writes about the commodification of radicalism, collective living situations, anti-globalization organizing and being a writer.

motel666 I am so glad M666 started an LJ because I still miss the zine she stopped publishing a million years ago. A great writer, she manages to make potentially boring subjects like assworms and hand herpes interesting. I know my downstairs neighbors worry when they hear me laughing up here and they know no one’s home. It’s all M666’s fault! She has a punk rock fish too, though it seems she’s emphasizing her Goth side these days.. Not for prudes.

nodoilies Real life friend and Buffy-buddy. I wish she would write more but NO PRESSURE. Stories of working at an upscale men’s clothing store, Blue Angels anger, book reviews and complaining about houseguests.

queen_beeanna I met her at arasay’s wedding She was one of the punk rock ushers but later denied she was punk. I can’t do better than her own description, "a tragic love affair with ones own mind". Adult life vs. academia, love angst and the occasional plot of revenge, and dreams (just so everyone knows, I NEVER read anyone’s dream entries. Sorry).

reddawn Another person I found through common interests. I’m bummed that she came through town when I was on vacation so I didn’t get a chance to meet her in real life. I assumed she was older because of her affinity for obscure ‘80s punk bands and her username. She doesn’t write as often as she used to but she likes to share lovely anecdotes about drinking binges, personal insights, and figuring out what to do with her life.

glorified This person had to leave their beloved home of SF and move to LA to try and make it as a writer. Kind of a cliché, but robotboy pulls it off. Not nearly as many entries as when I first started my LJ but almost all are high quality. No wonder she’s a professional.

safetypingirl I don’t remember where I found her journal. Punk rock writer, zinester and student. Very sporadic journalist, lots of entries in a week then nothing for awhile.

slit Intellectual, teacher, and mother-oriented entries. If you like talking pedagogy, this is a journal for you! Slit is also not afraid of analyzing pop culture and being clever and amusing. Actually this is an incredibly varied journal and always high quality. Very interactive friends list also. I’m glad I found this one.

beer_retard Punk rock baseball player from SF who I’ve never met. I was originally attracted to this journal by a review of the Mission of Burma show I missed because I was out of town. This is a small city. I’m sure we’ve been in the same room at some point.

subjective Boston, vegan, political trannyboy. Short and sweet little entries Good links and details about what he cooks for dinner.

tarynhipp Drama, desperation, sweetness and bravado. You’d expect all that in a post-riot grrrl zinester but Taryn’s journal makes you care about her even if you’ve never met.

theknife One of my first friends. American hardcore gal living in Austria. I wish she’d name names more often about the annoying American punk bands she meets. Another vegan on my list. What’s up with that? Usually short entries but always writes amusing comments.

voiceandsalt Appeared on my friends page one day. WFMU DJ interested in new languages. Posts poems, playlists, amusing work stories and has incredibly varied interests.

walktheplank I read this journal before I even had an LJ, that’s how good it is. Great political writing and links with a good sense of the absurd. I read his entries and wish I thought of his ideas first. Not that it’s a competition or anything. Seriously, this journal keeps me updated on lots of stuff better than the lefty press. Never dry or boring.

whysoblue Started as a sad journal and a space to grieve over some heavy stuff. Now contains more anecdotes about library work, her band, and her family. This journal makes me appreciate her writing even more than I did previously.

windup Another person living within blocks of me who I’ve never met. I love cities that way. Short entries about friends, travel, and the poignancy of life. Windup has a knack for noticing little things and explaining their importance. Have I sold her cheese?

zilly Most writing recently has been about the trials and politics of becoming a teacher. Like me, interested in co-ops, collectives, and sustaining communities of resistance. I get the feeling she’s too busy to write regularly anymore but when she does it’s always thoughtful and engaging.
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