November 3rd, 2002


Halloween Feeding Frenzy

So my dinner on Halloween was probably my second best meal ever. Yes, though I try to hide it, I’m foodie enough to keep track of such things.

Earlier in the day Jactitation and I stopped at the Cowgirl Creamery where we ran into our neighbor who happens to be their cheese maker. She was going to ply us with cheesy treats but we told her we were going to Manka’s for dinner. She stopped short and said, "You’re not vegetarian are you?"

Fear not, Cheesemaker. We were there to eat animals. Manka’s is a fixed menu restaurant. That is, they make one meal for everyone all night long for a set price. It’s set in a beautiful and isolated part of Marin in an old lodge. I don’t know enough about architecture to adequately describe it, but it’s very lodgey. Exposed beams, dark wood, taxidermy animals, big dogs running through the dining area: the whole deal.

They had also done the place up for Halloween. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was a bleeding, fake pig head sticking out of a pot staring at us with glassy eyes. Jactitation went over to feel what it was made out of. Oops, that’s a real pig. Better wash hands before dinner. The description of the food on the menu was also Halloweened up, taking on the California cuisine tradition of listing all the ingredients that came near the food and adding things like "bashed brains" and "crab boiled alive".

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