November 6th, 2002


Another fucked up SF election

Heard on the news last night:

"Well it really caught us by surprise. At about 5pm a huge amount of people went to the polls. If this had happened in the morning we would have been able to bring the polling places more ballots in a timely manner."

The acting SF elections commissioner explaining why 200 polling places ran out of ballots and why at 10pm (polls close at 8pm) people some people were still waiting at the polling places demanding ballots.

Yeah, who would have guessed that people would attempt to vote when they got off work?

Each of the elections in recent years has been marked by scandal: missing ballots, millions of dollars overbudget, polling places open before the election in the mayor’s most supportive precincts, ballot boxes floating ashore weeks after the elections etc. In fact, the person quoted above is the acting commissioner because the legal commissioner was fired by the newly elected elections oversight committee.

The appointed elections commissioner won her termination appeal but her job is still in litigation. She’s also suing the city for firing her after nine months, making her ineligible for lifetime city health benefits that kick in after a year. Her partner is undergoing very costly gender-reassignment surgery which began when the commissioner assumed they would be covered in their entirety.

Is SF is the only city in the world where the queer "progressive" honest government faction would be trying to oust an African-American politician with a transgender partner while the entrenched Democrats in power fight to keep her in? I feel I’ve lost perspective.
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