November 11th, 2002


Revolutionary "Cathy"

Not that anyone pays that much attention to my LJ, but around this time of the month I have a hard time writing entries because I have reviews due for MRR. This week is especially soul-sucking because I promised to review a couple of books. One, about French dairy farmer unionist, cheese maker, (geez, wonder why I got that to review), and anti-globalization activist Jose Bove is actually pretty good. The other? Well let’s just say I’d really like those hours back to do something more meaningful like watching People’s Court.

So why am I writing while I’m still on deadline? I had to share the following confessional. No, not mine, Cathy Guisewite’s. Did anyone read yesterday’s strip? It’s truly amazing. Guisewite has recognized that her last 25 years spent uselessly pushing a watered-down version of liberal feminism has been a complete waste. She’s finally realized that her bad example has helped lead to (entirely foreseeable) consequences that even she finds objectionable.

Though "Cathy’s" biggest reaction still seems to be horror that many women today don’t share her body issues and low self-esteem, her realization that she’s been wasting her life working for an evil corporation, hanging out with a loser boyfriend, and sublimating her revolutionary desires through consumption of ice cream is a necessary first step. I look forward to the ensuing fireworks when she wheat-pastes her workplace with "Riot Not Diet!" posters to announce the birth of her guerilla women’s agit-prop collective.

Cathy, we salute you!
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