November 16th, 2002


13th Street, I love you

I haven’t written about my travels on 13th Street recently. I guess nothing that interesting has happened. It still smells bad. The junkies, homeless vets, and I still say hello when we pass each other. The cars still seem to stop randomly in the middle of intersections when they’re not trying to kill me.

But Fall is approaching so 101 now serves as my umbrella as I walk underneath it. The rain waterfalls out from the drainage holes so powerfully that it would be reminiscent of Hawai’i if Hawai’i was covered in concrete, noisy from car horns and the rain couldn’t quite manage to drown out the smell of human shit and urine.

It was strange slogan day on 13th yesterday. First I walked by the new ACT UP SF wheatpastings shouting HIV doesn’t equal* AIDS to the passerby. That’s just so. . . late ‘80s? I mean I know that their message is that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, but HIV doesn’t equal AIDS was the slogan of treatment-oriented health groups attempting to tell HIV+ people that their deaths weren’t necessarily imminent, that they could live years before coming down with full-blown AIDS if they got the right drugs. It seems a rather funny slogan for the HIV-denial joke of an organization that ACT UP SF has become. Surely they would have disappeared by now if they hadn’t had the foresight to start a pot co-op to fund their "work".

Immediately after rolling that slogan around in my brain, I saw a bumper sticker on a car that was honking and trying to merge into the highway on-ramp. It said, "Animals are people in little fur coats". Nothing else. No "PETA". No "SPCA". No "NRA". No "".


*It was actual a equal sign with a slash through it. I don’t know how to make that symbol on a computer.
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