November 17th, 2002


It takes longer to recover these days

I woke up feeling old and tired but not in a bad way. Actually in kind of a proud way. I’ve earned my aches and pains and the lack of sleep was worth it.

I cut my finger yesterday on the Parmigiano Reggiano. Non cheese workers reading this may not know that those rinds are razor sharp. I disposed of the bloody cheese and the bandages safely, according to the guidelines of our blood-borne pathogen training.

My heel is fucked up from stepping on it too hard while hurrying across the street last night avoiding trouble. My back hurts from where I landed on it last night while drunkenly slam-dancing with a co-worker to Iggy and the Stooges.

I had work until almost midnight, cleaning the coffin cooler that holds the fancy cheese. This is not exciting in any way. One just needs to systematically scrub out the old mold, cheese splooge, change the mats, and melt the ice blocks that form around the pipes. Thanks to whoever put on Nina Hagen Nunsexmonkrock after closing, it helped get me through.

If cleaning until midnight didn’t put me into a bad enough mood, getting grabbed on the most desolate part of my walk home certainly did. On 13th (where else?) between Folsom and South Van Ness underneath the freeway, some guy walking by me came at me at the last minute and got hold of my arm. Luckily he was drunk and I just pushed my arm out hard, knocking him off balance. I yelled, "Get your hands off me!" and hurried across the street stepping weirdly on my heel. He didn’t follow.

Arriving at my co-worker and her girlfriend’s birthday party, I ran into my buddy "Bruce". She told me that the party was great and that she would be staying if she wasn’t working a 13 hour day today. Ah, Thanksgiving time at the grocery store. I asked her if there was anyone I knew inside. "Oh yeah," she said, "It’s like a membership meeting. . .but fun!"

Feelings on a Grid were there. Unfortunately, they’re broken up which is A HUGE MISTAKE AND MAKES THE WORLD A MUCH SADDER PLACE. DJ Dianarama put on The Stooges and I got pulled onto the dance floor and thrown against the wall by my slam-dancing co-worker. Accepting the challenge I came back at her with the traditional grab-around-the-neck-and-circle maneuver. Unfortunately the floor was wet with beer and I landed on my back with her landing on me. Just like back in the day, co-workers picked us up and we continued on our way. I can’t wait for the X show in a couple of weeks when I can pretend it’s the ‘80s* for an even longer period of time.

Soon after, the crowd staring chanting along with a different dance beat, "Lei-sa and All-I-son, Hap-py Birth-day". They wouldn’t stop until the birthday girls came into the room. People then picked them up and carried them around over their heads, continuing to chant the birthday chant, until the song ended. I only saw Leisa hit the chandelier twice.

Thank god I only have to lie around and watch the Niners game today.

*I’m aware that the song we were listening to came out in 1969. I just never heard it until the ‘80s.
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