November 23rd, 2002


I am eminently qualified to be a punk

This entry was birthed by two separate conversations with Gordonzola LJ readers. One, after reading my journal said, "I didn’t realize you were that punk." The other, in a phone conversation the very next day, said "Well, you can always put it on your punk resume," because I was complaining about doing a review of a stupid book for MRR.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we had business cards and resumes for our punk credentials, our anarchist/politico credentials, etc? Much better than an LJ trading card. I think everyone else should join the fun. Resumes don’t have to be just for jobs anymore.

So here is my punk resume. I don’t know how to format it for LJ, (Name centered at the top etc. but you get the idea. I’m a little worried about that 1996-99 hole. Would someone lie for me and say I managed their band? Do people think I need more action verbs?


Gordon Zola
PO Box 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146

Objective: To secure a position maintaining my punk identity while simultaneously not having to attend shows filled with boring bands or having stupid discussions about "what punk means"

Punk Scene History:

2001-present – Book/Zine Reviewer, MaximumRocknRoll
Valiantly waded through and reviewed piles of zines about road trips, the meaning of punk, half-formed political opinions and emo wank-fests filled with pictures of teary shirtless boys.

2000-01 Bass Player, The Cooperative
Defined and represented the street punk co-op movement. The Cooperative played one historic show and released a 7" on Broken Rekids. We wrote and performed songs about kicking yuppies out of our store, firing "workers" who don’t pull their own weight, and the importance of stretching before doing physical labor, thereby influencing co-op street punks throughout the PR community.

1999 Zinester
Wrote, designed, and distributed "Epilogue: The Zine of Epicenter Zone’s Demise". Analyzed the structural problems of the Epicenter Zone project and it’s implications for other punk-oriented "community spaces".

1991-96 Collective Member, Epicenter Zone
Organized new volunteer trainings, bought used records, zines, and books, managed the K and Dischord records accounts, argued over the meaning of punk, talked shit behind people’s backs. Also publicized, coordinated and stage-managed shows including Bikini Kill, Slant 6, Nation of Ulysses, Social Unrest, and Frightwig

1986-88 Bass Player, Squalor
Fought back against the dominant alternative culture in a town of 20,000 that had three working Grateful Dead cover bands. Altered and performed Dead covers to represent punk ideology. Eventually broadened material to include embarrassing ‘70s songs.

Educational Achievements:

1986-89: Co-edited anonymous collectively-run, campus-based anarchist zine.
1985-89: Arrested over 30 times at campus anti-apartheid protests. Completed felony-diversion "Scared Straight" program.
1985: Suspended from high school for "Willful Defiance of Authority".

Additional Qualifications:

1994: Profiled in "100 Ways to be Punk" series in "Fucktooth" zine.
1983: Attended first punk show: Flipper, Butthole Surfers, Fightwig.
1979: Attended first concert: Devo.
1978: Bought first punk record: The Clash - s/t. I didn’t own a record player but I scratched my brother’s copy and needed to buy him a new one. I obtained the scratched copy.
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