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I can't think of any appropriate song titles, but I'm sure there is one.

I could probably do a whole LJ in reaction to the SF Chronicle everyday. When one starts discussing their political assumptions, poor editing, and uninteresting writing, it’s hard to know where to stop.

But I have to point out a quote from today’s Book Review. Book Review Editor, David Kipen, actually wrote the following about a character in a book he was reviewing:

"(His) closet has more skeletons than an Oingo Boingo album cover."

Now, I saw Oingo Boingo more times than I wanna admit when I was in high school. But I never thought that they sold enough albums to qualify as a font page simile for a large circulation book review section. And it’s not like it gives the reviewer any hip, street cred. Hell, it doesn’t even make me feel old to read it, just mystified. Have they gotten more popular since I stopped paying attention?


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