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March 25th, 2002

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10:12 pm - movie question
(Forgive me. I never see movies when they come out. I love empty theatres, what can I say? I just saw "Monster's Ball" yesterday, but it still feels somewhat appropriate timing-wise. You know, the Oscars and all. On the plus side, I feel like I can reveal endings. You are warned.)

Maybe everyone else in the world has asked this but I have to know. How come Halle Berry's character in Monster's Ball has no friends or family at all except for her son and husband/boyfriend? I mean, I know why Billy Bob Thorton's doesn't, he was a wretched human being.

But come on. Any semblance of a support system and she never gets together with him and there's no movie. I assume that's why she has no one.

I did love the scene when Billy Bob puts his dad in the home. Almost as satisfying as the funeral fight scene in "Suburbia" for saying enough is enough to familial oppression.

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